B&H is a reliable source of quality drivers and equipment. We have rigorous processes in place to monitor carrier safety ratings, insurance qualifications and operating authorities.


Bryan Truck Line’s Flatbed Division, B&H Industries, is a dedicated fleet to a local customer. What does that mean for our customer? The answer is simple, our customer knows that they can count on us for daily capacity to meet their transportation needs so they can spend more time on their business and less on logistics.

Key Capabilities

Our transit times are the best in the transportation industry!

As a dedicated carrier, you know the same drivers are assigned to your account alone and ready to assist.

B&H offers flexible load times to support the ever-changing schedules required to meet our customer’s transportation needs. We have the ability to stage and hold trailers for delivery at our terminal when extra space is needed or lines are down at the destination.

B&H drivers’ average over 20 years’ experience in our Flatbed fleet.

Direct, open communication between our customer and operations team allows for any issues to be addressed and resolved in a timely fashion.

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